About Us

The Dean-O's Story:

    In 1971, Dean-O's Pizzarama began as a small pizza parlor, family-owned and run. We've grown over the years, and our menu has grown too, but we've never lost sight of the high standards that give our food the uniquely fresh flavor that brings our customers back again and again. We still season our made-from-scratch sauces with Proprietor's Reserve, my own blend of spices patented 40 years ago. We still use only the freshest produce and top-quality meats, seafood, and cheeses (which we grate and blend ourselves). In the "Old World" tradition, to give our crust that perfect crispiness, we still use brick ovens. And we are still family-owned and run. As Dean-O's heads into its fifth decade, we are still family-owned and operated. I take pride in sharing my responsibilities with Tim, my son, Karen, my daughter-in-law, and with Greg, my grandson. They share my commitment to Dean-O's tradition of serving "Italian food with a Cajun flair" in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. After all, that's what Dean-O's is all about.

Pizza of the Month

theThe Fourth Generation

This pizza starts with Alfredo sauce brushed on our signature crust topped with mozzarella, margarita glazed grilled chicken, cheddar cheese and bacon strips. Finished with an in house made chipotle ranch and fresh cilantro. 

The Fourth Generation