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Custom Web Design

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Custom Web Design

Redball Technology creates websites for a variety of business types an end goal targeting the right audience that visits a website that speaks to their needs. At Redball our professionals design effective web design that communicates your brand message and entices your visitor to complete a desired action. Your website will be a gateway to new client. Our web design and content strategy is executed with the latest SEO best practices in mind so you’re ranking more prominently in search engine rankings. We identify industry-specific keyword phrases that help you rank more quickly. Our web designs are seamless and function over all platforms including Mobile and PC.

Web Hosting

Redball Technology provides reliable, fast and secure hosting packages that come with plenty of disk space and bandwidth to accommodate all of your web design business needs. Redball’s hosting service can expand to accommodate your web design needs as your business grows. We have several data centers around the globe, including Texas, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Our hosting packages include an enhanced server stack that allows for:

  • Website Snapshots
  • Shell access for your internal IT department
  • The perfect fully managed hosting solution for custom web design
  • Custom NGINX configurations
  • Guaranteed resource allocation
  • Proactive platform security patches
  • Automatic offsite seven-day rolling backups
  • Automatic CMS Updates